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How to Start Your Own Online News Portal Agency

With the use of internet, almost everyone got their daily dose of information within the web. Nowadays, we barely see someone holding a newspaper on their hands and reading some news there. That’s how online news sites are born. While, not every online news portal are good and reliable in terms of the news they publish, somehow they are much more popular. However, delivering exciting and more reliable content is the key to be recognize by your audience. Here are some tips on how you can start your own online news portal be and be recognize by a wider audience.

Choose the Name of your Agency

One of the most important part of starting your own business is choosing a name for it. It’s more likely when your building up your online news portal, your website’s name should reflect to the content that you want to deliver. For example, your website’s name is that means that the news or content you’ll be publishing is related to latest trends and news for the current time. It’s also preferable to have a keywords like, India – to be more specific, news, today, etc. because that is the in-thing.

Acquire Investors

Unless you are willing to run your online news portal with your money, you need to get investors who are willing to pay for the website's domain registration. If you aren't able to convince anybody of your agency's authenticity, you may simply build your business on any of the blogging sites, though it will fall short on the professionalism quotient. 

Widen Your Audience

First make a Facebook page, invite everyone you know to like it and even post the page's link in popular news sites' Facebook posts as comments. Next, post an ad in groups like DSD saying “We're hiring young, hard-working reporters,” and that interested people should contact you in order to “join the winning team.” It is a publicity stunt for your website, though it's evident that you yourself will be running the entire website with no additional support. The stunt will also gain your website some advertisement money from the equally increasing classifieds websites. 

Publish Fresh Content 

Bookmark the online news sections of top local newspapers and also that of some leading foreign newspapers. Scavenge for the most “exciting” news there on an hourly basis, rephrase or translate those, and publish the news on your website. Ignore political news as much as possible, because bleh, that's too mainstream, except if it is news regarding strikes and blockades. You are looking for gossipy stuff that even Gossip Girls don't bother gossip about, because that's what all the other online news portals are up to. 

Be a Virtual Notification

Cyber stalk a moderately renowned celebrity and report their every move. They changed their Facebook profile picture, news. They had a falling out with their significant other, news. They are getting married for the umpteenth time, news. Everything about the celebrity is news for your portal. If necessary, you can use one celeb to make an entire week's worth of content. And here's the thing: so long as you can properly present your content to a set target audience, your readership won't falter, and you'll be making money. 

Make the Most Out of Your Headlines 

That means articles with some “facts” that are either not applicable in a local context or don't have ample backing to be called facts. Specially publish intimate features about men and women's health and about romance with attention seeking titles. These appear to be the big sellers, as indicated by the other news portals on a regular basis.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how just about anybody can start their own online news portal, and thus join the flock of innumerable other ones, which sometimes are just downright disgraceful. Happy news hunting!