5 Ways to Advertise Your Business For Free

Every business owner knows about the importance of marketing. But when it comes to starting a new business, the size of your budget can seem like a major limitation.


Here are 5 ways to advertise your business for free:



1. Add Content To Your Website

High quality content is one of the factors that determines how your website ranks on Google. One of the best way to promote your business is to boost its visibility in search engine results.


Your website should contain a variety of different kinds of content, including text, images and video, that describe your brand and its products or services.

Ltd Edn Productions recommend adding quality videos about your business, product/services or testimonial videos. This helps improve user's average time spent on your website and in conversions.



2. Offer a Discount

E-commerce platforms such as Groupon and Scoopon are a great opportunity for new businesses to attract customers and gain brand recognition.


You can get in touch with these platforms to negotiate a good discount, as well as a commission percentage that will go to the platform. Once you have made an agreement, all the promotion will be done for you.


Understand that while this approach doesn’t necessarily involve any up-front costs, you will make less profit on the products or services purchased through the discount coupon. It’s important to weigh this up against the prospect of gaining new long-term customers when deciding whether or not to use these platforms.


3. Focus on SEO and Social Media


Vikas from WebsiteFix says that SEO is the most cost effective way to promote your business. With SEO, you don't have to pay for clicks. You'll appear in search results and get organic website traffic without paying a cent for any clicks.

Creating a profile on the most popular social media platforms is completely free. You should set up an account for your brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Depending on your industry, you might want to consider branching out onto other platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, and Yelp.


If you regularly post a variety of engaging content, you will build followers who have the potential to become customers.

4. Attend Networking Events


Local networking events, expos, and meet-ups are a great place to start promoting your business through word-of-mouth.


Use these events as a way to meet people who might become your customers, as well as other professionals whose skills and knowledge compliment your own.


Search Google, Facebook or for local small business networking events, or events centred around your industry.



5. Contact Local Newspapers


If you want to get free press, local newspapers are a good start. Write and submit press releases about key events, such as when you open, take on new staff members, or introduce a brand new product.


This is a fantastic way to let your local community know who you are.