Spartagen XT


Edge Bioactives has recently announced a launch of natural testosterone boosting supplement source named as Spartagen XT. The dietary supplement focuses on enhancing the sex drive among men and releases a quick secretion of growth hormones, with a boost of stamina.

Product promises to improve the “way of living”, by enhancing the penis erection and gives high boost to sexual lifestyle. Whether, it’s about improving your workout stamina, reducing belly fat or getting a lean muscle mass, Spartagen XT works identical in every case.

Manufacturers also claim that Spartagen XT is the only supplement source that consists of natural blend of extracts, which help to enhance the formation of testosterone formation in male body and gives harder sexual hours at bed.

As per the Edge Bioactives, the following ingredients have been added here including Magnesium, Vitamin E, B6, D4, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, Asian Ginseng, Maca Root, Zinc and Butea superba . They further declare that product has passed through food and drug administration approval, and is manufactured in US. To receive best results it is necessary to go for its 2 capsules daily, with plenty of water and healthy food.

According to Edge Bioactives “Spartagen XT”, consists of those ingredients that have capacity to increase the formation of free testosterone and is developed by a team of expert scientists. However looking after the website there is no scientific data found related to ingredients efficiency and the increase in testosterone hormone.

Still the ingredients listed in this supplement have some capacity to boost up the stamina and energy resources. But unlike other sources there is no efficiency with the testosterone or growth hormone boost. Extensive study was made regarding website suitability and its content, and shockingly the expected results mentioned are not yet approved.

Spartagen XT also declares that it is the only supplement source in market helping to boost sexual activities however there are various trials available online, categorized with same properties.

Edge Bioactives website got registered in 2014 and this states that it is very new to market. There is no special customer review available to take an idea related to product’s performance. The company is situated out of Edgewater, NJ, and is not listed under better business bureau regulations.

Spartagen XT is far expensive product to grab and is available with a 60 capsule supply. 1 month supply costs $69 and 3 month supply costs $177, along with a 90 day buy back guarantee. You may initiate your cancellation process by making a call to customer support at 800-458-4634.

Till now no scientific data has ever proved the boost to testosterone with Spartagen XT utilization. Product even misses an approval of FDA and is fairly priced high. Lack of customer review and manufacturers information makes selection of this product risky. You need to consult a physician if ever faced a scenario with sexual troubles since supplementation has never proven to be a great boost for health.