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Whitco Blasting Discovers Their Secret to Getting Rid of All Wood Rot

Whitco Blasting Discovers Their Secret to Getting Rid of All Wood Rot

Restoring a log home to like-new condition can take several different processes but a very common concern that we come across is wood rot. Did you know that log ends will absorb up to 10X the moisture than the log sides will? Log ends act like thousands of tiny straws when it comes to moisture!

We have been working hard for the greatest solution to getting rid of all wood rot and we think we've got it! We start by using a 2 part liquid consolidator to penetrate deeply into porous, deteriorated, dried-out or spongy wood. This liquid consolidator with then cure and harden into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes the original wood fibers. Then we use a specifically designed wood epoxy filler in sections of logs to form a permanent restore of the logs to like new condition. Now the logs are ready for a new coat of stain to blend everything back together again. 

This log home had some serious water abuse from the sprinkler system, leaving the logs saturated with water for 6 months of the year and for many years! Water penetration promoted mold growth on the inside of the home making it a health hazard. With correction of the sprinkler system the home is now dry, so its time for us to fix all the issues. 

For years of wood decay protection and prevention, we installed Cobra rods on all logs showing rot or lack of density during testing. Pictures below show a 3/4" x 3" Cobra Rod and a seal plug for an inspection port then a cap with energy seal. This application should be good for 6-8 years. We also installed 68 units throughout the bottom few courses of logs. 

Cobra Rods are a safe, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved wood decay protection and prevention system for log homes. Cobra Rods are a wood preservative, fungicide, and insecticide that are safe to handle and made entirely of a unique Boron and Copper Hydroxide complex. Cobra Rods include the addition of Copper Hydroxide which provides extended protection from fungus species not affected by borates.

Mold remediation on the interior can be difficult and also hazardous if not done properly. Mold growth from continuous water saturation. We sand the surface with hand sanders that hook up to a HEPA filter vacuum. Please DO NOT airborne this mold!!! Soak the surface in a liquid borate treatment then apply a top coat to match existing.

Folks if your outside mold issues look like this call us before its too late!

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