Get the Best Out of Your Music Lessons with Mr. Paul Whitson

Maryland – With the several online resources on learning to play a musical instrument and vocal exercises to develop your voice, a lot of aspiring musicians will rather search for video tutorials than enroll in a formal music lesson. There are even those who do their own piano tuning in Columbia, MD even without the proper skill and experience! If you plan on learning a musical instrument or developing your voice, you might want to consider taking up music lessons. Having a great teacher such as Mr. Paul Whitson comes with several benefits that you don’t simply get from an online tutorial.


Mr. Whitson has over 30 years of experience both as a music instructor and a piano tuner in Columbia, MD. He received his Master’s Degree in Music Education from the Towson University and specializes on in-home instruction, providing a variety of instrumental and vocal instructions. He has a wide array of experience having had performed in several plays, church events, recitals, concerts and several other events throughout the state and surrounding areas. If you are searching for a music teacher who can help you become your best at what you want to do or be, he is your top choice.


While there is absolutely nothing wrong with self-study and that online tutorials and resources are very helpful, there is no denying that a music teacher comes with several advantages. For one, video tutorials do not correctly position your fingers on the guitar, do not teach you the different music theories essential for learning, do not correct you whenever you make a mistake, and do not give positive feedback when you do something correctly. Having a teacher or instructor to show you how it is properly done, how to avoid bad techniques, and pat our back whenever you hit those notes correctly are just a few of the things that are essential to learning music. Without one to guide and help you along the way, you might end up developing bad techniques, stagnant, discouraged and uninspired, leading to an eventual cease in learning.


Another advantage of having an experienced and skilled teacher is knowing where to start, when to level up and how to hurdle difficult areas. Your music instructor will initially asses your skill level so that he would know where to begin, that way, you don’t get overwhelmed with the lessons or underwhelmed to that point that you don’t take things seriously. Also, they always do constant assessment of your progress so that they will know when to introduce you to newer and more difficult skills or musical pieces. For those who self study, sometimes they commit the mistake of jumping so ahead of their capability that when they fail to achieve what they think they can handle, they become discouraged to continue thinking that they can’t do it when, in fact, they only lacked the right lessons and adequate preparation.


All these advantages you will surely receive when you have Mr. Whitson as your music instructor. With more than three decades in the business, he has gained so much experience on music instruction, minor instrument repairs, and piano tuning in Columbia, MD. Some of the instruments he is capable of teaching include violin, piano, guitar, percussions, band instruments and voice. So, if you and your family or friends have different instruments you want to learn, you don’t have to search for different teachers as Mr. Whitson has the right materials, experience and skills to provide you with the best lessons. Also, he offers multi student discounts for groups who want to learn music together. You can also check out his website for his recommended materials for new students to facilitate learning.


Finally, as mentioned earlier, Mr. Whitson also offers piano tuning in Columbia and other areas such as Westminster, MD. He has been offering this service since 1983, that’s more than two decades of experience. This is a very intricate process that needs to be done by an expert to ensure that your piano is in tune and would produce beautiful sounds with every press of a finger. So, if you want to learn a musical instrument, improve your voice or require professional piano tuning in Westminster, MD, you are in great hands with Mr. Paul Whitson. Lean more of his offers by giving him a call at 410-916-3645.