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Paul Whitson is the Music Instructor You are Looking For

Westminster, Maryland – For over three decades, Mr. Paul Whitson has been providing excellent music lessons, in home instructions and piano tuning in Westminster, MD. He offers a variety of vocal and instrumental instructions for guitar, piano, violin, percussions and most band instruments. He has worked with countless of students before – young and old and individually or in groups – giving him thousands of hours on experience. He offers personalized service to ensure that lessons are fitted to every student’s needs. So, if you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument or honing your God-given talent, Mr. Paul Whitson is the teacher you can rely on.


Learning to play music seems pretty simple, but there is more to strumming those guitar strings or pressing on those piano keys. Every instrument is different from the other. Each has its own nuance that has to be carefully studied to ensure proper way of playing. There are different theories and lessons that need to be learned, and the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable instructor like Mr. Paul Whitson can help you understand all the essential things that will help you achieve your musical goals.


In today’s setting where people share almost everything in the World Wide Web, you will find several online tutorials or lessons on almost every instrument out there. Teachers and musicians openly share lessons to help amateur players improve their skill. As such, people who want to learn a certain instrument can simply search online for tutorials, and they will surely find one. In certain cases, when one wants to learn how to play just a favorite song on the piano, they head straight to YouTube and find a tutorial on an easy version of the song. While there is nothing wrong in taking advantage of such free resources, the major downside is the tendency to skip all other essential concepts. Beginners fail to learn beats, scales, rhythms and other important concepts that must be learned to help one fully understand the instrument and be able to easily play a piece without having to memorize everything that needs to be done.


Having Mr. Paul Whitson as your teacher offers several advantages. For one, he offers excellent piano tuning in Westminster, MD. A piano needs to be tuned regularly. String tensions need to be adjusted at least once a year or more if it is frequently played. Humidity and temperature affect the tension of strings because the wooden soundboard that holds the strings undergo micro contractions and expansions that affect the tension. And if strings do not have the right tension, they will be out of tune. Piano tuning is a very complex processes that requires precision and accuracy. Mr. Whitson has been tuning pianos since 1983, that’s more than 30 years of experience. You are assured of a well-tuned instrument after his service.


Another major advantage for having Mr. Whitson as an instructor is the assurance that you are on the right path. You have the proper guidance that leads you straight to your goal. The process of learning how to play an instrument is going to be challenging. There will be several rough roads that will test your patience, discipline, and focus. Once you falter, you might get lost, lose the interest and give up your musical dream. Several mistakes will be committed along the way, and having a mentor will spot those mistakes and help you correct them. This way, you will not develop improper technique that will affect your playing in the future.


Having a mentor by your side means having someone to answer all your questions. Unlike an online lesson, a physical mentor will provide immediate answers or feedbacks on your progress. Your computer does not pat your back when you are able to hit a high note or play a piece without a mistake; a mentor does. And positive feedback is a huge boost for a student to continue on with the learning process.


Mr. Paul Whitson offers in-home music instructions and piano tuning in Westminster, MD and surrounding areas. If you are in need of his services, he is always ready to put his more than 30 years of experience to work, ensuring that you receive personalized music lessons that will help you achieve your musical goals. If you and your family or friends are ready to take up some music lessons, take advantage of his multi-student discount now. Give him a call at 410-916-3645 for more information.