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Paul Whitson: Expert Music Teacher and Piano Tuner in Columbia, MD

Paul Whitson: Expert Music Teacher and Piano Tuner in Columbia, MD

Columbia, Maryland – There will always be this feeling of admiration for people who can play musical instruments like the piano. More than just the appreciation for music and the acquisition of a new skill to actually play it, playing the piano has other advantages that can significantly benefit children and adults alike. Most importantly, what you will develop and learn while playing the piano can also be carried over to everyday aspects of life such as in school and at work. In order to excel in playing the piano, you have to be able to take in constructive criticisms about your work. You also learn how to handle successes and disappointments along the way. Moreover, playing the piano also strengthens your dedication in doing things that you want as well as improve your self-discipline and goal-setting process. Your split concentration skill greatly develops as well since you are required to coordinate both of your hands in playing. Thus, your multi-tasking skills are enhanced in the process, too. Playing the piano is indeed really interesting and beneficial but also comes with a lot of work. You have to learn how to play and you have to make sure your piano is at its best condition. You can choose to learn these things on your own but it is better to ask for the help of an expert music teacher and piano tuner in Columbia, MD.

If you are looking for the best musical instruction and piano tuning in Columbia, MD, then Paul Whitson is one of the best there is in Maryland! For over 30 years, Paul Whitson has been providing top-notch piano tuning services, music lessons, affordable in-home instructions, and minor musical instrument repairs. He also offers not only piano lessons but also a wide variety of vocal and instrumental instructions in majority of Maryland counties. In terms of Paul Whitson’s educational and work background, there is definitely no question that he is an exceptional teacher and performer. He has both undergraduate and master’s degree in Music Education with a Voice major, and several related certifications as well. Moreover, he has also been part of numerous performing groups and has both music and drama teaching experience.

Working with Paul Whitson is indeed the best choice you will ever make if you truly desire to learn and eventually excel in playing the piano. As a starter, whether for kids or for adults, you will need Bastien Piano Basics and/or Alfred’s Piano Lessons Book. Some theory, technique, and recital books are also necessary as well as Alfred’s multi-colored Basic Piano Library Flashcards.

Paul Whitson also offers expert piano tuning in Columbia, MD. Learning how to play the piano is just as important as piano tuning. You have to keep in mind that regular piano tuning and maintenance is crucial to keep your musical instrument in pitch and in good shape. Having a piano is a huge investment and tuning is not an easy task that anyone can accomplish. A piano is a very complex instrument with very delicate parts; one malfunctioning part greatly affects the entire instrument. That is why you have to ask for a qualified technician, like Paul Whitson himself, to keep your piano at its best.

Regular piano tuning also acts as a regular check-up. This way, your piano is not only kept in tune but its parts are also inspected and fixed as needed. Under Mr. Whitson’s musical instruction, you will receive music lessons and piano tuning at very affordable prices. If you can also find your children or yourself some friends to learn the piano with or you need multi piano tuning, then you will be able to save a few bucks because he offers discounts for group lessons and multiple piano tuning at once.

If you are in need of expert and affordable all around music teacher and piano tuning in Columbia, MD, do not worry because Paul Whitson can help you hit every single note perfectly! You can reach Paul Whitson at 410-848-5196, 410-916-3645, or to set an appointment and you can also send a request through the contact page of his website at If you want to visit him at his office, it is located at 535 Uniontown Road, Westminster, Maryland. Remember, for unmatched piano, violin, drums, and bass guitar lessons, Paul Whitson is your ultimate go-to musical instructor!