Fellowship Foods Remains the Best Community Supported Agriculture in Southwestern Pennsylvania


While many are willing to find the freshest foods available in the market, it has always been daunting to find the best place to purchase such products online. In a bid to put an end to all such problems, Fellowship Foods is offering a wide range of products that are produced in their community supported agriculture facility. The products offered by them range from artisan bread to dairy and eggs to local pantry to locally prepared food to locally roasted coffee to meat & poultry to lamb to pastured pork and much more. With the aim of connecting the farmers of Pennsylvania with the consumers, this Pittsburgh csa strives to make the connection stronger between the people at home and the farmers. Making it extremely convenient for the farmers to sell large amount of quantities, they are able to offer pay-as-you-go membership. By offering flexible payment schedule, they make it hassle free for one to have access to the food that has been produce locally.

The every-other-week spring subscription that is being provided by them for the time being now paves the path for one to have freshest food. Adding to the convenience of the clients, they offer deliveries at their conveniently-located delivery stops that one can choose at the time of checkout. With more than hundreds of pleased clients and farmers, Fellowship Foods pursues to grow in a healthy manner every single day and has become the Csa Pittsburgh for many.

The Winter subscription that is going to start from 31st October has been designed to help one to have access to a wide variety of locally grown and prepared products. While the coffee subscription has been designed to help one to avail freshly roasted selections from all over the world, the beef & pork combination subscription paves the path for one to have locally raised products.

About Fellowship Foods:
The Pittsburgh based Fellowship Foods is the best community supported agriculture that offers a diverse range of products at the most affordable rates.

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