Wind Turbine Oil Change

Transformer oil reclamation

Reclamation restores the oil’s properties to like new condition.

The oxidation stability of the reclaimed oil is greatly improved when the process is combined with inhibitor injection.

Protects the Environment because of reduced risk of oil spills and there is no waste oil that needs to be disposed of.

New Oil Costs are greatly reduced since only a small percentage of the oil is lost in the process.

Regeneration or Reclamation?

Oil reclamation is focused on the existing methods of oil recovery (physical, physicochemical and chemical) to improve oil performance.

Transformer oil reclamation is a little broader and includes both oil reclamation and processing of crude oil at oil refineries. In the second case, after regeneration, are obtained several fractions that can be used to produce not only industrial oils, but also plastic lubricants, lubricating-cooling liquids.

Technical oils, compared with other organic substances, consumes much less, but the negative impact of related waste on nature should not be understated, since it is the most common source of man-made pollution. Suffice it to say that the number of spent oil products poured out onto the ground or into the water is an order of magnitude greater than that which falls into the environment as a result of accidents during extraction, transportation and processing. In addition, because of the high cost of liquid mineral lubricants, the question of the expediency of at least partial regeneration is on the agenda. Thus, the further use of secondary oil is regarded as a promising practice in the process of our vital activity. Judge for yourself. During the reproduction of oil, a third of the energy is expended, which is expended on primary production. And to synthesize a liter of good technical oil you need 67.2 liters of oil and only 1.6 liters of spoiled oil. And a liter of such oil, processed into fuel, gives about 40 MJ of heat. Regular Oil Reclamation Every 10 Years DOUBLES Transformer's Service Life.