Window Medics

Window Medics Offers Specialized Defog Solutions for Foggy Windows

Window Medics is a trusted window solution and maintenance service provider serving a huge clientele across Canada and US. Having extensive experience, they provide reliable, cost effective window defog services for removing moisture content & condensation from windows. They also provide professional restoration services for defogging windows with single, double, and triple pane.

Firstly, they determine the cause of damage, so that the right procedure for defogging is executed. If the damaged window is ahead of the range of defogging, they replace the glass pane. From condensation moisture to foggy windows, they can solve a variety of thermal window problems, and help to restore R-value of the window panes. They offer their clients with the latest proven techniques and technology that sets them apart from others. They are known for:

  • Reliable and cost effective services.
  • Eco friendly and quality services.
  • Savings up to 70% from replacement costs.
  • Prevent degradation of the windows surface.

Window Medics is one of the largest windowpane restoration companies with more than 100 service locations and over 200 technicians in the US alone. The company continues to be the nation’s premier provider of cutting edge window solution technology to property owners in all market segments. Their main focus is to protect the environment, maintain sustainable living, recycling of the products, minimize ecological footprints, and restore the windows.

Michael Joasil is the owner and operator of Window Medics who has more than 8 years of experience in corporate operations and business development. He founded the company at the age of 18 with the aim to provide world-class window repair and restoration services in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. He develops a secure moisture control & damage prevention system that restores clarity & insulation to failed insulated glass unit windows.

Michael Joasil strives to deliver superior quality service & workmanship to his customers through innovative techniques. Great service, craftsmanship, quality, value and community leadership are some of the features that makes his company the world’s largest thermal windowpane company.