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Google, UC Berkely team choose Dubois for Megamovie Photo Shoot

Dubois, Wyoming, is going to be Googled next week, in an even newer sense of the new verb.

In the days leading up to the Wind River Eclipse, a team of 20 Google and UC Berkeley researchers and videographers will descend on Dubois for a significant undertaking.

“We’re the team behind Eclipse Megamovie, a citizen science project to study the sun's corona by recruiting over 1,000 volunteers from across the country to photograph the total eclipse as it passes overhead. The photos will be stitched into a continuous look at the sun over the course of the hour and a half it takes the eclipse to cross the country,” said Calvin Johnson of Making & Science at Google.

The public is invited to participate in the Megamovie project across Wyoming’s Wind River Country, Wyoming, and the nation as the eclipse makes its way from west coast to east coast.

In addition to shooting photos for the Megamovie, some team members will be shooting 360-degree videos for Google Expeditions.

Thanks to Google, UC Berkeley, other universities, and amateur astronomy groups coordinating their eclipse efforts, part of the Megamovie team and their family members get to enjoy Dubois for a few days. With such a strong Google presence, maybe Dubois, Wyoming will see an uptick in Google hits.

Use #windrivercountry and #windrivereclipse to share your photos.




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