Wyoming's Wind River Country

Dance with us in Wind River Country, WY

Fremont County, WY – Unplug. Tap into a place where yesteryear and tomorrow dance together. Connect with the people of the Wind River Indian Reservation, with their histories and their stories, in Wyoming’s Wind River Country. Get a taste of our summer powwow line-up on the attached powwow flyer.


An easy few hours drive southeast from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks you will find modern celebrations and customs of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes. And best of all, you are invited to take part.


Every week from June to August features special events that keep revered stories alive. You might learn why the skunk has a white stripe, what spirit animals are, or learn history at cultural museums.  


Summertime is peak powwow season and our evening air rings with the sound of pounding drums. Powwow gatherings can be traced back to pre-European times when Plains Indians used dance to honor tribal members, recognize important events, and seek protection for warriors and hunters. They celebrate everything from a family reunion to a religious ceremony. They serve as an important way for Native Americans to share and keep their culture and traditions alive. 


Visit mid-week to watch and learn about the dances as they are demonstrated in performances where you can meet the dancers and join in on a dance. 


Make the post of your time and plan to attend one or more of the assorted Native American cultural events on the attached Powwow flyer.


To watch dance videos and learn powwow ettiquette all in one convenient place:  

Let us help you take home the experience of a lifetime…only in Wind River Country!

About Wyoming’s Wind River Country/Fremont County

Go beyond Yellowstone to Wyoming’s Wind River Country. This is authentic Wyoming, where the landscape and lifestyle provide room to breathe. Access world-class playgrounds for fishing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, hiking, and much more. Open the doors to the past on South Pass, the gateway to the West. Uncover an art scene that will surprise and inspire you, and learn about Native American culture on the only Indian Reservation in the Cowboy State. Find more inspiration at


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