Wyoming's Wind River Country

Wind River Country is the Whole Package

Wind River Country, Wyoming, really is the whole package because we have so much to offer no matter how your tastes run. Why not get a personalized package to optimize your time? 


For example, you can embark on a bighorn wildlife safari without a 15-hour plane ride.


While you’re at the gateway to the Wind River Mountains, enjoy being on natural time in the backcountry while you ride, fish and tell campfire stories to your heart’s content.


Ladies, you can reconnect and rejuvenate at a remote women-only yoga retreat under the biggest, bluest sky imaginable.


Those with a thirst for the open road can get specials on brews and bike tours.


And if gaining elevation is your trigger, why not try your hand at an expert led rock climbing clinic?  Check out these and other amazing packages and start planning your escape from the normal now. Visit Wind River Country the way YOU want to.


About Wyoming’s Wind River Country/Fremont County

Go beyond Yellowstone to Wyoming’s Wind River Country. This is authentic Wyoming, where the landscape and lifestyle provide room to breathe. Access world-class playgrounds for fishing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, hiking, and much more. Open the doors to the past on South Pass, the gateway to the West. Uncover an art scene that will surprise and inspire you, and learn about Native American culture on the only Indian Reservation in the Cowboy State. Find more inspiration at


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