Wyoming's Wind River Country

2018 Eclipses the Year of the Great American Eclipse

FREMONT COUNTY—Next week, May 5–11, is National Travel and Tourism Week. Every year, the Wyoming Office of Tourism releases data about the economic impact of travel and tourism, and 2018’s Fremont County numbers are impressive.


2017 was the year of the Great American Eclipse or, as it was dubbed locally, the Wind River Eclipse. This total solar eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Fremont County/Wind River Country to attract new travelers for one big weekend. It was also an opportunity to create a buzz about the area for years to come.


In 2017, Wyoming’s Wind River Country welcomed 494,000 visitors who spent $131.6 million while here.


In 2018, with no total eclipse of the sun to bolster Wind River Country’s magnetism, the county hosted only a fraction fewer overnight visitors, 487,000. But they spent more money, at $136.6 million. Not only that, but there was no epic, statewide traffic-jam this August.


Travel matters because it begets travel. People value the recommendations of friends and family and they return to places they love. Wind River Country is making a name for itself as a truly special destination.


In turn, the attention Wind River Country gets—and the travelers who follow—help keep the area special. Fremont County residents benefit from the sales taxes collected on every purchase a traveler makes. Local businesses appreciate those sales, as well. The contingent of locals who work in the hospitality business—or in a business that serves a hospitality business—have jobs that are sustained by direct and secondary travel spending.


Travel matters to Wind River Country. Four hundred eighty-seven thousand visitors isn’t a crowd; it’s an economy.


About the Wind River Visitors Council

The Wind River Visitors Council’s mission is to stimulate tourism by increasing awareness of, and encouraging visitation to, the unique destinations, activities and events in Fremont County/Wind River Country, Wyoming. The Wind River Visitors Council (WRVC) is a Joint Powers Lodging Tax Board responsible for promoting the travel and tourism industry in Fremont County through expenditures of the lodging tax. WRVC Board members represent our communities and the county and are appointed by local city councils and the Fremont County Commissioners. Learn more at