Wind River Veterinary Service

Wind River Vet donates services to wild birds in need

Dr. Mary Barns and Dr. Boulette

(Lander, Wyo.) - The team at Wind River Veterinary Service in Lander provide high quality and compassionate veterinary care to all animals in Fremont County. This includes veterinary care to domestic animals of all kinds and donating their services to non-profit organizations like Wind River Raptors.

Wind River Raptors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating birds of prey that have been injured. They depend on the interest and generosity of people who wish to save wild birds of prey and to educate future generations about the stewardship needed to maintain these magnificent birds.

Wind River Raptor founder, Nathan Barns and Dr. Mary Barns 

Dr. Boulette and his team at Wind River Vet are donating their services to the birds in need, including free x-rays, blood draws, discounted medications and much more. "We got into this business so we could provide the best quality care to animals in need, both domestic and wild," explained Dr. Boulette. "We are honored to partner with Wind River Raptors... to be a part of giving these birds a second chance."

At Wind River Veterinary Service, your pet will receive up-to-date basic preventative healthcare and surgical protocols at reasonable rates with no unnecessary testing or treating. Above all, they are devoted to the well being of animals and their owners.

Wind River Veterinary Service's personal network of veterinary specialists, healthcare industry professionals, and colleagues are available for consultation when needed.

Wind River Veterinary Service is located at 108 Tweed Ln. in Lander, WY. Call 307-332-5512 for your pet's next appointment!

Open 8am - 5pm, Monday-Friday. 307-332-5512