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Client News: Global Design Event Furniture Days Completes its First Run in the U.S.


North American American Workshop Attracts Designers and Specifiers to the East Coast

PITTSFIELD, Mass. – An immersive design experience for furniture designers made its way to North America for the first time this year, setting up shop at Interprint, Inc. in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

State-side members of Interprint’s international design team were tasked with introducing Furniture Days to North America’s furniture design and materials specification professionals and translating an adaptation of the workshop made geographically relevant to that part of the world, while still honoring this year’s global theme of On Focus.

The theme served to illustrate the different ways we experience various spaces by mimicking a full day over the course of about an hour, from waking to commuting, working to dinner or drinks, and home again to relax and recharge. This interpretation also showcased new trends in furniture design: accent colors in the morning, for instance, stories and décor topics ‘on the way to work,’ new types of surfaces at ‘the office,’ and translations of traditional looks into modern designs at ‘the bar.’ Colors, textures, and patterns Interprint is now perfecting through the marriage of organic discovery and digital technology were also explored.

The opening of Furniture Days North America was synchronized with Interprint’s IP Tech spring session, which offers workshops for design partners that detail how the company works within the world of décor printing at the ground level.

Furniture design and materials specifiers were invited to the event by way of personalized, boxed invitations filled with custom-designed swag including t-shirts, posters, and drink coasters, and welcomed to take private tours with their teams. Several groups made their way to the Berkshires to experience the event for the first time, a strong showing for the inaugural event. Concurrently, a hub website and full social media network broadcast oft-updated information about the event and the designs it highlighted as key trends of 2015 and 2016. At the close of the event in July, more than 3,000 direct clicks to the new Furniture Days North America website were recorded.

The 2016-2017 theme for Furniture Days will be announced in October by Interprint’s flagship location in Germany; for more information, visit or

About Furniture Days

Created by the global décor printing company Interprint, the anticipated annual event typically draws guests from companies in furniture and derived timber products industries located across Europe and overseas. In its nine-year history, Furniture Days themes have focused on the materializations of space, exploring the interaction of sound, tilts of perspective and the reactions between light, color, movement and time as they all relate to décor. The goal of Furniture Days is to share insight, inspiration and excitement about the coming year’s design potentials, trends and breakthroughs. On Focus appeared in North America for the first time in 2016, after kicking off a world tour at the home office in Arnsberg, Germany, and traveling to Russia, China and Brazil.

About Interprint

The Interprint Group is a worldwide leader in décor design and printing. Interprint opened its North American production location in 1985, and today employs more than150 people, shipping 7,000 tons of product annually from its Pittsfield, Mass. facility. The region Interprint calls home, The Berkshires, has a long history in the paper industry as well as a reputation as one of the most popular cultural destinations in the U.S. It was also named among the 200 Last Great Places by The Nature Conservancy, and one of the Top Ten Housing Markets for the Next Decade by U.S. News and World Report.