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5 "No-Brainer" Reasons to Choose Fremont Radiology for Your Next MRI or X-Ray

Did you know that YOU get to choose where you get your MRI's and X-Rays? All it takes is a simple request to your doctor. In order to consolidate their services and provide better benefits to their patients, Fremont Radiology MRI and Wyoming Medical Imaging X-Ray has moved to a single facility located at 1001 W Main Street in Riverton.

No, we are not new! New is not always better. What is most important in imaging facilities and equipment is quality! Image quality is what physicians value most and Fremont Radiology can provide you with that by emphasizing the following:

Here are the top 5 reasons why Fremont Radiology MRI and X-ray can offer Top Quality Imaging and Service:

No. # 1 - Experienced Staff

Board Certified Radiologists, James Taylor, MD and Jason Brown, MD have been serving our community for over 19 years. You may even recognize them from their continued work in Fremont County. Their experience and dedication to their field provides a high level of excellence, trust and loyalty for their patients. 

Working alongside the radiologists, the technologist at Fremont Radiology, Jane Healy, has served this community in the field of MRI and X-ray since 1991. “We are a well-established facility that can provide excellent quality images and patient care, committed to a positive patient experience”, says Jane. “What sets us above the competition is availability, experienced technologists and radiologists, image quality and cost.”

No. # 2 - Accredited Facility

Fremont Radiology's MRI is the only MRI accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) in Fremont County. This may not mean anything to you at first glance, but with the ACR accreditation the actual images of the MRI are evaluated and scrutinized for quality by the ACR before being granted accreditation. Whereas with other accrediting not done by the ACR, there is no image quality analyzed. What that means for patients is the actual image quality of your MRI exam has been evaluated. In other words, you are getting a good, quality exam! 

No. # 3 - Shorter Wait Times

Working with the team at Fremont Radiology is easy and efficient. They recognize the anticipation that goes along with wanting and needing to get an MRI or X-Ray done so you can start getting some answers. When working with Fremont Radiology, they are able to process your paperwork and get you scheduled the same day is most cases; saving you the stress of waiting a week to get in.

No. # 4 - Competitively Priced

By choosing an independent facility, such as Fremont Radiology for your medical imaging needs, you may be able to experience a significant cost saving. Need we say more? Definitely worth the phone call to find out!

No. # 5 - Simple Paperwork Process

Years of experience has taught the professionals at Fremont Radiology about the pain and frustration in dealing with excessive paperwork and processes. They have discovered the key to making their process more efficient. Through the use of their electronic reporting system, they are able to transfer your written results and/or images directly to your physician immediately after being interpreted! 

So, the next time you are told you need an MRI or X-Ray, request Fremont Radiology in Riverton with a simple statement: "I want Fremont Radiology!"

To learn more or set up an appointment call 307-856-6530.