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Why You Need An Extended Auto Warranty Plan

When you buy a car either from the dealership or directly from the manufacturers of that car, they offer you a factory warranty that can cover the cost of your auto repairs. It seems like a pretty good deal right? You wouldn’t have to pay with your own pocket. As good as this sound, factory warranty doesn’t last forever, so what happens when it expires? How do you pay for your vehicular repairs? Cars have a funny was of developing faults just right after the factory warranty is expired. Some people even prefer to sell their old cars when the manufacturer warranty expires and buy a new one so as to get a new plan in other to avoid the cost of repairing and keeping the previous car running.

An extended auto warranty plan picks right off from where the manufacturer warranty stops. It gives you the assurance that your car parts repairs and replacement will be covered by someone else and not you. It saves you lots of money in repairs and replacement.

Liberty bell auto protect is an extended auto warranty company that offers you service coverage for your vehicle needs. Most auto protect warranty are offered by a third party, that is not the case with liberty bell auto protect. They are the direct administrators of the warranty plan. They offer service coverage for cars manufactured from the year 2000 and upwards with mileage up to 150,000. They use trusted mechanics and dealership who are automotive society of engineers certified to complete their repairs. They also provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance like rental car coverage and trip interruption coverage.

They help to optimize the cost of repairs in terms of labor and parts thereby preventing unexpected expensive repairs and this in turn protect your investment. Liberty bell auto offers more than a 100% price match guarantee and an unconditional 30 day money back policy. With an in house customer claims crew that is available round the clock, the claiming process is very fast and smooth. Also, they do not outsource their calls outside the United States, assuring you that when you call in you would be speaking with a direct employee of the company. If you want to know more about extended auto warranty plan with liberty bell auto reviews, browse this site.

An extended auto warranty is not only meant for your old vehicles, you can also get a plan for your new vehicles after all, manufacturer warranty no matter how great it is will not last forever. Liberty bell auto protect offers you more than just a car insurance plan, it gives you the peace of mind and the satisfaction that the cost of repairing and keeping your vehicle running would not be covered by you. Sign up with liberty bell auto protect today and watch them take care of your vehicular needs.