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Home Appliances That Will Consume A Lot Of Energy

We don’t love bills – forgive me if you like bills; I don’t! Any time an energy bill arrives, we wonder whether it is much higher than the previous one. Well, energy prices have gone higher in recent times, but there are some factors that we have control over.

Let’s look at some of the appliances that consume a lot of energy in our homes.

Washer and Dryer 

Let’s face it; we need to clean our dirty clothes;therefore, a washer is equally essential.Doing your laundry at home is much cheaper as compared to taking them to the laundromat.There’s a way you can reduce your laundry energy bill – by washing clothes more smartly. Want to know more about home appliances? Find more information on this website.

The laundry energy bill mostly goes higher because you heat the water when washing clothes. Using cold water instead of hot will significantly impact your energy use.If you have the old model washer, consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient modern washer. 

The Refrigerator 

The fridge consumes a lot of energy – it uses electricity all the time. Well, you can’t turn off the refrigerator to save on energy since you need your food fresh. However, certain tips will save you some coins.

350F is the ideal fridge temperature. Every temperature below that will consume more energy. A full refrigerator works better since there’s less space to cool. If you have an old fridge, replace it with a more energy-efficient one. 

Electric Oven or Range 

Electric ovens also consume a lot of energy.If you like cooking your meals at home using an electric oven, then this is a real concern. However, you don’t need to stop cooking; you only have to make some changes to your cooking schedule.

Heating your oven to the right temperature will consume a lot of energy – make good use of this energy. Try something like cooking more meals at the same time. This way, you don’t have to heat up your oven every other time.

The convection setting is better and 20% more energy-efficient as compared to the bake setting.You can try using an electric induction cooktop – it uses magnets in conducting heat to your cooking vessel. It is approximately 12% more energy-efficient as compared to electric cooktops.


The dishwasher also used a substantial amount of energy. Older versions of dishwashers consume a lot of energy as compared to the newer models. The main concern is the volume of water your dishwasher; it will determine how high or low your utility will rise.

To make sure you are making the most of your energy and water, ensure you fill the dishwasher for every other load.The latest dishwashers are more efficient as far as water and energy usage is concerned.