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Pricing List Of Micro Pigmentation Treatments

Micro-pigmentation treatments are similar to tattooing but more expensive due to the type of inks and specialization offers. There are various stages of the micro pigmentation process that depend on the condition of the scalp of the client. Most of the time, the whole process consumes 3 to 4 sessions or sittings until the work is completely done. Hence, we can say that great scalp micropigmentation pricing varies from person to person and situation to situation. There are many centers available for the public offering excellent micro-pigmentation services or scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, and lips. Learn more about great scalp micropigmentation pricing on this site.

The price increases as the criticality of the process increases:

1.   Scar treatment: When a person needs to hide his previous marks and bruises of any treatment, he might think to get that part of the head pigmented with natural-colored inks. This case costs the least high priced, starting with only $1200 for the first plus second session and approx $700 for the third session.

2.   Crown work: The men who lost their hair due to any random reason and need to have a crown-shaped hairline can also go for scalp micro pigmentation with a low burden of nearly $200 for the first two sessions and $2700 for the last one.

3.   Alopecia: People who suffer from baldness due to heredity or hormonal changes can also choose to get micro-pigmentation done once in their life to experience how it feels like to have hair in old age. People with alopecia have to pay an amount of nearly $3600 for their treatment.

4.   Repairing: When any past treatment had gone wrong in the scalp, the client can go to a suitable cosmetologist for the fixation of the issue but it is assumed that it takes almost $2200 to get the mending done.

5.   Touch-ups: In case of something less or making it look more natural, many micro pigmentation centers fulfill their need. They can revive the faded colors of ink in no time, and only a single session is required, in this case, charging a minimal fee of $350.


There are many options readily accessible for clients to book an appointment. It is suggested to choose authentic treatment centers near you with the help of turning on your mobile location. Verifying them before going is known to be the best option for this purpose as there are many fake certified doctors also available in the medical and cosmetology market. The candidate is also advised to check the previous treatments of random persons that have been done by that particular technician for your safe side to avoid any fraud or poor treatment from his team.