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Most Used Research Chemical; Synthesis And Products

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Research chemicals are chemical substances used by experts for research laboratory, research purposes basically.

They can be grouped into:

·        Psychedelics: affects the mind, giving an experience of trance, dreaming and meditation and possibly near-death. Examples include; Lysergamides, Tryptamines, Benzofurans, Phenethylamines, 2C-x, NBxx, DOx.

·        Dissociatives: These are hallucinogenic drugs (they distort perceptions of sound and sight and produce feeling of dissociation from the environment). Examples include; Arylcyclohexylamines, Diarylethylamines.

·        Piperazines: produces an ecstatic effect.

·        Empathogens: These are a class of psychoactive drugs that produce distinctive emotional and social effects such as empathy and love. Examples include; MDxx, Benzofurans, Miscellaneous polycyclic phenethylamines, Tryptamines, Amphetamines.

·        Stimulants: produce a wide range of effects by enhancing the activities of the nervous system (central and peripheral). The effects of stimulants depending on the substance and the dosage include increased arousal, locomotion, productivity and motivation, alertness, endurance, heart rate and blood pressure amongst others. Examples include; Amphetamines, Cathinones, Pyrrolidines and pyrrolidinophenones, Thiophenes, Tropanes and Piperidines, Oxazolidines, Phenylmorpholines.

·        Sedatives: are substances that induce tranquility by reducing irritability an excitement. Taking sedatives in very high doses can result in poor judgement, slurred speech and slow reflexes. Generally, when they are misused, they provide an overly-calming effect. Examples include; Opioids, Benzodiazepines, Thienodiazepines, GHB analogues and Methaqualone analogues.

·        Synthetic Cannabinoids: Examples include; Classical and Miscellaneous cannabinoids, Indazole and Indole based, Quinolinylindoles, Benzoylindoles, Adamantoylindoles, Naphthoylindoles, Phenylacetylindoles.

·        Androgens: have approved medical uses as well as illegally used for performance-enhancing to build muscles and strength. Examples include; Testosterone-based, DHT-based, Estranes, SARMs amongst others.

·        Peptides: Examples include; GHRH analogues (stimulate the release of growth hormone), Growth hormone secretagogue receptor agonists (agonists of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor regulate energy homeostasis and body weight).

·        PDE5 Inhibitors: are used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve sexual stamina.

·        Nootropics: are purported to enhance cognitive abilities. They have extremely low toxicity and possess very few side effects. E.g.  Central nervous system stimulants, racetams amongst others.

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