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Motor Trade Insurance: Everything That You Need to Know

Getting motor trade insurance now has become easier than ever. However, not many actually understand what motor trade insurance is…they just do it simply because it a legal requirement. There are a lot of alterations and nuances from one policy to the other, something that can make you misunderstand what you are actually purchasing.

With different covers and additional options such as Public Liability, it is more than simply getting an insurance policy. It is essential to know what you are really covered against and the policy that you purchase so that you don’t go out of business if anything unforeseen happens.

Insurance can be hard to get your head around, and especially when it comes to an industry such as motor trade insurance. Not anymore! Here’s all that you need to know as far as motor trade insurance is concerned.

The Meaning of Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is meant to protect any business or person that earns their money through selling, purchasing, repairing and doing something related to vehicles.This implies that any car salesman, mechanic or a valeter can purchase Motor trade insurance.

If you deal with vehicles, irrespective of how small or big they are, this is the insurance for you.For individuals who work in the motor trade industry normally have access to different vehicles. They could be their own or for their customers and at times they might need to drive them from their premises to work.

Motor trade insurance comes in to cover any risk that might be associated with repairs and fixing customers' cars or even when driving them from their premises to a workshop.This kind of policy can also provide cover to those that work part-time in the industry. Looking for motor trade insurance? Go to where you can get detailed information about motor trade insurance.

So, what can this kind of insurance cover?

Usually, the Motor Trade policy is tailored according to the needs of the business in question. It all narrows down to you and your business – what exactly are you looking for? With that said, however, some policies are compulsory according to law.

A standard policy will normally cover the delivery and collection of customer vehicles and even protect you against any repairs that you might undertake.Typically, the more you are covered, the more expensive your premium will be. Here are some of the areas you can be protected.

Road Risk

If you are always taking vehicles on to the road (for deliveries, testing), then this is the cover that you need.


This kind of cover with protect your business for tools, equipment, your business premises as well as road risks. It is best you take this policy other than taking individual covers separately.

Public Liability

This cover ensures you and your employees are protected against claims that might be made by members of the public or clients.