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The Benefits Of Plopping Your Curls

Whether you’re new to the world of curls or an OG curly, you’ve probably already heard of the term “plopping”. And just like a lot of folks in their web stages, you may be wondering if plopping is worth the try at all.

Having a good hair day will make your life ten times easier, as they say. Hence, you’d obviously only want to do what’s best for your curls. The good news is that stopping your hair benefits a ton, plus you can share your experience through a fashion submit guest post. Ready to know what those benefits are? Well, read on to find out!

Save more time (and effort)

Gone are the long and arduous days of drying your curls. Plopping curly hair will make you save your precious time as the fabric wrapped around your head will absorb the dampness from your curls, leaving it dynamic and bouncy. This means that you can untangle your unruly strands and dry them all in one effortless procedure!

Plopping takes gravity out of the process

If you haven’t already knew that gravity can sometimes be the culprit to your frizzy hair, then now you know. When you just let your hair fall to its length and air dry it, sometimes it can make your waves or curls look limp and flat. But since your hair is piled up at the top of your head rather than being weighed down by the water it has absorbed, plopping can help you preserve or accentuate the shape of your curls.

It’s a life saver for those with fine hair or looser waves

What’s great about plopping is the fact that it works well with any type of hair. However, the results will differ between curly locks and wavy strands. Folks with thicker hair will end up having more defined curls than those with thinner hair. But all is not lost for girls with loose waves – if you want to emphasize the waves you already have, then plopping is the way to go. It’s far better than having flat and dull hair.

You don’t need to spend a dime when plopping

Unlike most hair styling techniques out there, plopping doesn’t require you to spend money for it to work. All you really need is water, a shirt, and a head full of wavy locks. Of course, you can buy hair products if you want to. But if you want an easy, cheap, but super effective way to bring your curls back to life, then plop all you want girl!

It absorbs excess chemicals from your hair

We don’t always nail the exact amount of hair products that we’ll put on our locks. So, if you accidentally applied a bit too much hair product on your curls, the shirt or towel wrapped around your head can do the cleaning work for you so you don’t end up with brittle curls.