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4 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

The internet, specifically social media accounts like instagram, present endless possibilities of making money. This requires you to have huge instagram followers. The question is; how can you leverage your followers on instagram to make money? Below are 4 easy ways to do this.

1. Selling Your Own Products

You may have a specific product that you want to sell. Finding a market can be a daunting task. Apart from selling the product in a physical store, you can offer the same product for sale on your instagram account. This will pay off the efforts you put to gain followers on instagram. What's more is that you don't have to pay rent for the virtual store- your instagram account. This is what motivates many people to get followers on instagram.

2. Work as an Affiliate

This is another ideal way to pay the efforts you put to ganhar seguidores on instagram-making extra cash. Working as an affiliate means that you sell other companies' products to your followers on instagram at a fee. The pay is usually in the form of a percentage of the total selling price given to you. Here, you'll be required to engage your real followers on instagram and recommend the products in question to them. Making a sale will mean you earn something from the sale.

3. Sell Advertising Space

After you gain followers on instagram beyond a certain number, most companies and businesses will approach you for business. The huge number of real followers on instagram will make you have a big audience, which these companies are interested in and willing to pay large sums of money in exchange. It's one of the easiest ways to earn on instagram as you'll nothing much to do other than allowing these companies to advertise themselves in your account.The amount to be paid to you, in this case, will depend on your agreement with the company to be advertised. It could either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total sales made.

4. Selling Virtual Products

You can also sell virtual products to your followers on instagram. This includes artistic items like professional drawings. This has been done by many other people and achieved remarkable success. Start making money by selling virtual products to your real followers on instagram.


There are several other ways to make money on instagram other than the 4 mentioned in this article. Do you have a good number of followers on instagram? Then what are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of your real followers on instagram today by selling them a certain product. It's time to pay off the huge efforts you put to gain followers on instagram.