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Find Out Which Haikyuu Character Is Similar To You

Are you an admirer of the great Haikyuu characters? If yes, have you ever pondered which haikyuu character will suit you the best according to your personality? Well, let us identify which haikyuu character are you by playing a simple quiz in a few steps. A few questions will be asked to understand a little about you. The questions can be related to your interest in volleyball, how you like to spend time at a party, your dream date, and so on. Select your answers to the questions asked in the quiz by opting for oneoption from many. So why wait, click start and see which haikyuu character you resemble.


About Haikyuu

As you all know, Haikyuu is Japanese series which is illustrated by HaruichiFurudate. This animated story is centered on a boy named ShoyoHinata who wanted to become a great volleyball player after watching the game of Karasuno High School on TV. When compared to all other players, ShoyoHinata was small in size but was a good athlete. This series was aired from April 2014 to September 2014 and there were 25 episodes. The first season went popular and more seasons were aired.


ShoyoHinata, the Chief Protagonists

In the series, ShoyoHinata joined Karasuno High School,as he was determined to become a volleyball player like one of the players of Karasuno School who was nicknamed the Little Giant. The character Hinata was showcased as a first-year student at Karasuno High School and his position in the volleyball team was as the middle blocker. He moved to Brazil to be trained in beach volleyball when he was graduated from high school. Later, after twoyears he returned to Japan and turned out to be a member of the MSBY Black Jackals which is a Division 1 team in the V –league. ShoyoHinata is a very cheerful and energetic character, and he gets excited easily. Moreover, Hinata is a dim-witted personality and takes impulsive decisions at times.


King of the Court, KageyamaTobio

He is the starting setter of the volleyball team of Karasuna High School. Kageyama was considered an extraordinary volleyball playerby many players and coaches. When he was in middle school, he was more self-centered, but later after joining the Karasuno High School team of volleyball; he changed his attitude for the better. If you look into his personality, he is a bit arrogant and short-tempered character who cared only about winning. Kageyama always disregarded his team members and never showed respect for other players. He always tried to order others and kept complainingabout other’s games. This is how he was nicknamed the King of the Court. But when it comes to the game, he was exceptionally passionate and committed to volleyball. It was only after joining Karasuno, he started understanding the importance of teamwork and the need for mutual trust between his team members in the game. This has also helped in enhancing his confidence as a setter of volleyball.