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Things You Should Know About Speech

Introduction: What is a speech? Speech is the ability of a person to express thoughts and produce different sounds by using the tongue, lips, and mouth. It is our way to communicate with others. A one-year-old baby can actually produce sounds unintentionally. During children's age from two to six years old, they are able to produce different sounds of the English Alphabet. The voiced (vibrations in the vocal cord) and unvoiced sounds (no vibrations in the vocal cord). What is the difference between speech and language? Speech simply means expressing thoughts and feelings through verbal communication. On the other hand, language is the communication of feelings through the system of a particular signal like voice, sounds, written symbols, and gestures.

What is speech therapy? Speech therapy is a treatment for those who have communication disorders and those who want to improve the way they speak, especially for children. It is performed by speech-language pathologists or is often referred to as a speech therapist. Speech therapy can also be done at home.


Here are some speech therapy tips for parents to use at home:

1. Practice: Practice makes perfect! As a parent, you should practice your child the basics of language. Learning starts from home, so you better talk frequently to your child with proper conviction so they can learn it easily and use it effectively.

2. Focus on what the child can do instead of overemphasizing what he or she can't do: Of course, as a parent, you have to consider the capabilities of your child. Never pressure your child. Focus on the things that your child can do to improve it. And after that, you can proceed to the next words you are going to teach to your child. Always show him or her your appreciation.

3. Keep background noise and distractions to a minimum during learning sessions: During the learning sessions, it is important to avoid distractions like noise. Children can easily be distracted and can not focus on the learning session. You have to have a proper room for learning so your child would have conducive learning.

4. Always reiterate the past lessons to your children: Children may forget the words after the session. So, at the start of your learning session, you should reiterate all the words you taught him or her. They tend to forget what they learned if not reiterated.

5. Observe, listen, and check: Observe them if they are improving. Day by day there will be a process of mastering the words they say. Listen to them if they pronounce it properly and if not correct them. Correcting them means you want them to learn it the proper way

Conclusion: Speech is the way to communicate with people who surround us. It is the exchange of our daily conversation to understand each other. With that being said, it is important for the children to learn it the proper way so they can ask for what they want.