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Barbers Near Me Reveals Popular Hairstyles For 2021

Every year, the average man spends hundreds of dollars on shaving products. Some even spend thousands of dollars because they purchase high-end brands. The shaving industry is worth billions of dollars. It employs thousands of people all over the world.

Barbers near Me predicts that this industry will grow by around 5% in 2021. According to the company’s CEO, the popular hairstyles for men will be:

Clean Shaven

Not every man will choose to grow a full beard in 2021. A good percentage will prefer a clean-shaven appearance. This will especially be popular with men in conservative fields. One can decide to have a clean-shaven look if he doesn't have the genes to grow a full beard. This style is low-maintenance making it popular with those who have a busy schedule. Modern-day life is hectic thus having a beard can be a burden.

To be clean-shaven, a man simply needs to have a hair-free face. Barbers near Me has revealed products on their website


This is a classic style that has made a comeback in recent years. It is grown below the chin. This is the perfect style for men who have circular faces. To succeed with this style, some grooming is essential. Barbers near Me has the ultimate guide for beard grooming on their website.


The stubble hairstyle isn't going away any time soon. It will become dominant in 2021. Most men love this style because it is easy to maintain. One can grow short or long stubble. It can be grown purposely. Alternatively, for a lazy man, it can grow by itself. 

With stubble, facial hair will grow all over. Thus, it should be avoided by men whose facial hair grows in a patchy manner.

Circle Beard

Circle beard has been popularized by many Hollywood actors. As the name suggests, the beard grows in a circle. It will be made up of a mustache and goatee. These two elements will be connected by the hair on both sides of the mouth. This style can vary in length.

To achieve the perfect circle beard, a man will require a fixed-length trimmer. Barbers near Me offers information on how to purchase the best fixed-length trimmer. Some factors need to be taken into account. It is advisable to buy big brands because they have invested in research and development.

The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke has a mustache that is detached from the goatee. It is ideal for men with different facial shapes. It will require some maintenance regularly.

Full Beard

Growing a full beard will require time, effort, and money. A person will need to be patient and diligent. It is not possible to grow a full beard overnight. Several products have to be used. These products have been reviewed at Barbers near Me. Shaving cream is essential.

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