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What Kind Of Flower Is Suitable For Grand Opening Ceremony?

Humans love to celebrate every event. Whenever your friend or any close one buys a new house, we send them a bouquet or send them a set of flowers. Sending flowers is a way of showing our happiness towards their achievements. You can send them flowers for any occasion, such as store opening, new franchise, or shifting to a new building. Moreover, it is a perfect match for the grand opening ceremony.

When a person starts a new business or a franchise, he organizes the grand opening ceremony. And such events are usually decorated with flowers. But when finalizing the flowers, a person should be aware of the event theme or else everything will go into vain. So you must be aware of the companies that provide the best flower decorating service. Also, they should have exceptional flowers collections. However, you will find many of Singapore's best wedding bouquets if you research well.

Here is the list of flowers that can get extra attention from the grand opening ceremony.


Every flower has a unique identity because of its pleasing fragrance. But the fragrance of lilies you can not ignore as they are popular amongst the people because of their pleasant smell. Above all, lilies are the symbol of love, blessing, wealth, humility, and devotion. So lilies are the perfect decorative flowers when it comes to the grand opening ceremony. You can use two combinations of lilies are Perfume lilies and Tiger lilies. So the person who loves aroma, you can not say no to lilies.


Roses - The name is enough to make us smile. Roses come in many colors, and every color has a different meaning.

Red color roses are the symbol of love.

Yellow color roses are the symbol of friendship.

Pink color roses are the symbol of happiness.

White color roses are the symbol of peace.

So how could you forget these roses while decorating your grand opening ceremony? Choose your favorite colors according to the ceremony theme and decorate the place with these beautiful and charismatic roses.


Orchids are the new flowers that are trending currently. Orchids represent many emotions, including love, beauty, strength, and luxury. Moreover, if you are a woman, you can not say no to phalaenopsis orchids as they are pink in color. They look stunning and cherish the efforts and friendships. In contrast, the oncidium orchid celebrates the trouble-free and joyful endeavor.

You can use different orchids. Also, combine them with other groups of flowers - the combination will look stunning. If you do not think so, try something unique like use orchids with other decorative items.

Wrap-up time

Well, the list of flowers is very long and non-countable. So we mentioned here the most popular flowers that are lilies, roses, and orchids. If you want to go with the trends, these are the perfect flowers for you. Also, you can Get flower boxes here, they never go out of style. Because the color combination plays a vital role when decorating with the flowers.