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Healthy Ageing As Revealed by Senior Supported

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As of 2020, there are around 720 million people who are over 65 years worldwide. This number will double by 2050 and exceed 1.5 billion persons. In 2050, close to 16% of the world’s population will be made up of older persons. 

The World Is Aging

That is the truth, it is the reality. As it is commonly said, no one is getting younger. The global rate of aging is higher than the fertility rate. Therefore, more people are getting older as few people are being born. This is a dilemma that is facing nations all over the world.

Governments need to plan for an aging population. These people require a social safety net. A society that doesn’t respect the old is not a society worth living in. Such a society is on the path to destruction. Old people are a vital part of society. Without them, the community cannot be complete. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that other members of society can benefit from.

Healthy Ageing

According to Senior Supported, healthy aging encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual health. All these aspects are required for a senior person to enjoy their life to the full. If any of these aspects are missing, life will be miserable. If the physical aspect is lacking, life will be a pain. A person will likely have to contend with a medical problem for the remaining portion of their life.

Lack of mental health is also a concern. An old person needs to be in the right state of mind at the most vulnerable portion of their life. With aging comes loneliness; therefore, something like depression will make the situation worse.

Physical Health

Old age is a time of physical deterioration. The human body wears and tears with the progression of time. It can reach a point where it can be difficult to walk unsupported. Humans progressively lose their senses of sight and hearing. By the time a person reaches 90 years, it can be difficult to see.

With the right physical health measures, physical deterioration will be slowed down. Regular exercise is highly recommended. An individual who exercises regularly will manage to age gracefully. They will be able to walk straight unsupported even if they are very old.

As an old person, it is important to undergo health checkups regularly. This will help in the identification of developing problems. The earlier a problem is identified, the easier will it be to treat it.

Mental Health

Optimum mental health is a vital part of healthy aging. It is important to avoid stress and depression. That will require focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. By being busy, one will not have time to be stressed. Having a social circle is also highly recommended. Being alone most of the time can contribute to stress.

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