Fast Essay Writing Tips

Fast Essay Writing Tips

Your essay writing assignment shouldn’t be intimidating and frustrating at all. Instead, it can be a real pleasure, if you know the basics of writing such papers and have enough time to make an outline and write an essay within the deadlines. Are you pressed for time and need a quality essay the sooner-the better? Then consider the recommendations provided below.

Fast Essay Writing Tips: What Are They?

It does not really matter how long your essay should be and what subject you are supposed to cover. If you don’t know how to organize the process of writing, it will be difficult for you to succeed in it. Here are a few approaches you can make use of to make the process a success.

Plan Time in Advance

If you wish your essay to be written effectively, planning time in advance is a priority. Planning does not take much time, but it can help you save this time when working on a paper. Experts generally recommend allocating around 10% of overall time to the process of planning. Thus, if you have one hour to write an essay, you should spend 6 minutes to plan it. That’s very simple, but effective as well!

Write an Outline

Start with a brief outline of your essay (a plan). If you have ever written essays before, then you, probably, know that these written papers come with similar structure (unless your teacher or professor offers another scheme). Your essay should consist of a brief introduction (several sentences will be enough), a body (3-5 paragraphs) and a conclusion (it shouldn’t be long as well). An essay may be long or short, but whatever type you will go for, it will still be easier for you to cope with it, if you have an outline at hand. Your essay plan should also include the main point (specified in the body) and the facts (evidence) supporting it.

Start with the Introduction

As mentioned above, the introduction shouldn’t be too long. Three to five sentences will be enough to attract the attention of a reader and encourage him/her to read further. Your intro may start with a question or a unique fact – anything that is non-standard, but captivating.

Provide the Arguments

The most important part of your essay is the body. This is where you will have to discuss the subject, sticking to the subject and the type of your essay. Don’t forget that each essay type comes with specific features, which make it stand out from the crowd. Focus on the main subject and prove your point of view. If needed, provide the arguments, data from the trusted sources and your personal experience. There is no need to address any fast essay writing service if you keep these simple recommendations in mind.


The summary of your essay should be provided in the conclusion, which should not be long as well. It is not recommended to write any new information in this part of your essay, but sum up what you have already written. Make the conclusion short, but memorable and interesting. Make the sentences short and distinctive. Use rich vocabulary. The final point is always remarkable – keep that in mind!