keyboard_arrow_up turns to a third party call center expert as it looks to expand its phone support capability rapidly

London, UK 25th September, 2016 - has announced that it will be looking to develop a partnership with a third party call center provider in the next couple of days. The company has said that the move is meant to increase its phone support capabilities over the coming few years. has said that it did not feel that doing the call center internally would work. Although the company that offers help in writing a bio says that its support department has enough expertise, the need to have more capabilities in phone support can only be guaranteed through a third party call center services. says that there is a lot of confidence on the companies it has shortlisted and negotiations for a deal are set to commence in a few days time. Ultimately, the bio writing service provider will want to be on top of things and give clients the best possible way to interact with writers through phones.

The truth is that achieving such an outcome will require investments on call center support and while there is no doubt other areas of customer support will still be functional, based on recent figures a lot of people would prefer to get support through the phone or live chat. The idea of writing a bio about yourself may sound easy but getting to 100 pages is not that's simple.

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