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Amazon's #1 Best Selling Author and Career Strategist Doles Out Advice on Taking Your Career From Zero to Hero! 

LOS ANGELES – In June, millions of new grads threw their caps in the air, rejoicing the completion of their college and advance degrees. Now, the hunt for a J-O-B begins. Fortunately, in the same month, the unemployment rate dropped to a 16-year low of 4.3. And while many employers expect to bump up hiring for new college graduates, others will struggle to find fulfilling jobs in their chosen field of study. And let’s face it, some of those grads will be returning home to live with mom and dad until they find a position to support themselves.

Well, human resources expert and certified life coach Tana Session has a few ideas to help any new college graduate jumpstart his or her career. With more than 20 years of HR experience, she is Amazon’s #1 best-selling author of the book," Get Your Career Life in Order" (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; on sale December 1, 2016; ISBN-10: 1541279743; ISBN-13: 978-1541279742; $15.99 US paperback). The 76-page book is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step career management guidebook with tips, tricks, worksheets and templates designed to help readers navigate the job market and manage their careers within their organizations.

And although “Get Your Career Life In Order” is a great resource for the new graduate, the book also provides a wealth of information for the mid-career professional who is transitioning out of an old position and into a new one. In fact, the self-help book offers an 11-step guide for multiple generations, competing in the job market, whether you’re a millennial, Generation Xer or Baby Boomer.

For Session, she wanted to offer readers a tool of how to become gainfully employed. "I wanted to create a comprehensive career management guidebook because over the years, I've interviewed thousands of job applicants, and finally realized that no one was going to tell them what they did wrong during interviews,” explained Session. “Furthermore, I've coached hundreds of people who wanted promotions and upward mobility in a company; but didn’t understand why they were being overlooked. I decided to write ‘Get Your Career Life In Order’ to close some of those career gaps."

So, if you’re getting ready for an interview, Session offers these words of wisdom to the wise:

• Don't forget to check your resume for typos before submitting to a company.

• Don't forget to do your research on the company and your interviewer(s).

• Don't forget to come prepared with three to five standard questions to ask each interviewer.

• Don't forget to send a thank-you email or note to each interviewer

Still looking for your dream job? Well, “Get Your Career Life In Order” offers strategies and approaches for successfully navigating the job market, and finding a fulfilling professional path that offers personal growth and fulfillment. In addition to offering advice, such as updating your LinkedIn profile; joining professional organizations and seeking informational and exploratory interviews, Session also encourages job seekers to be a “para-preneur.” In other words, get a side hustle!

"Don't quit your day job just yet!” she said. “Still, adopting the mindset and behaviors of a business owner will help advance your career, whether you’re working for a company or yourself.” She added, “Most importantly, a side job could lead you to finding your true passion and spark an interest in starting your own successful business. I'm convinced we all have a little entrepreneurial spirit in us!"

Session has served as a top human resources leader for various companies, businesses and non-profit organizations. In 2014, she founded TMS Business Solutions, Inc. to offer her HR and coaching expertise through consulting and coaching.

“Helping people to find their true purpose in life is both exhilarating and inspirational,” said Session. “Through my clients’ successes, I have experience my own destiny as a coach.”

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Tana Session is a HR rock star! She started her career in human resources at one of the Big Six (now Big Four) accounting firms, Ernst & Young in
the mid-90s. Instantly, she realized that she had a passion for managing people within organizations. Over the years, Session has held almost every position imaginable in human resources, while building a stellar resume and expertise in the profession. She’s also served as the top human resources leader for various companies, businesses and non-profit organizations. Through the years, she has been recognized for her level of professionalism, leadership, strategic initiatives and ability to streamline processes to increase the efficiency of her team.

Session holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a MBA in organizational psychology and development. She has also obtained multiple certifications in the field of human resources, including PHR, GPHR and SHRM-SCP. Session is also a certified-trained career and life coach, and currently, pursuing her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

In 2014, she founded TMS Business Solutions, Inc. to offer her HR and coaching expertise through consulting, coaching and speaking engagements. She serves as an on-demand HR consultant for various global investment research firms that connect established industry and field experts with various investment research analysts worldwide.

When she’s not in the office, Session lends her time and talents to helping others make good first impressions. She serves as the secretary on the board of directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood and volunteers as a career advisement coach with Dress for Success Los Angeles.

In addition to “Get Your Career Life in Order,” Session is the author of “Inside the Revolving Door: Chronicles From the Human Resources Department.” Released in 2016, this fictional tome is a collection of employee relations short stories told through the perspective of various human resources leaders. Both books are available on



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