Wyoming's Child Support Program

Having trouble keeping up with your child support payments?

Having trouble keeping up with your child support payments?

Major life changes lead people to seek out their local child support office. Losing a job is a major life change which puts a lot of stress on a person. If you have lost your job, or switched to a lower paying position, you may be eligible for a review of your child support payment. Please contact the local office to let them know of your situation and to discuss options.

Modification of Support Orders - Here's how to get the ball rolling:

First, Ask. If you want your support order reviewed for modification, you may ask the local child support office for a review. If you do not already have an open child support case, you will need to open one.

Review and Petition to Modify. Once the local office has completed its review, a petition to modify will be filed or the local office will inform you that it has determined a modification is not appropriate. The child support program will not review a custody or visitation order, nor will it petition the court to modify a custody or visitation order. You have the right to petition the court for a modification of support, custody or visitation on your own or through your own attorney at any time.

Has your life changed? So could your child support. Call or stop by your local office today to start the review of your child support order today.

Offices around the state:

Cheyenne: 307-635-3365 or 800-742-3092

Laramie: 307-742-2026 or 800-742-2926

Green River: 307-875-4725 or 800-742-3098

Sheridan: 307-672-2599 or 800-565-4502

Buffalo: 307-684-9011

Cody: 307-527-8840

Basin: 307-568-9329

Worland: 307-347-8927

Gillette: 307-687-1501 or 800-360-5220

Newcastle: 307-746-2311

Sundance: 307-283-1515

Casper: 307-235-9229 or 800-292-3219

Douglas: 307-358-0947 or 866-280-3719

Lander: 307-332-6380 or 800-996-6045

Arapahoe Tribe: 307-857-2436

Ft. Washakie: 307-335-8371

The Wyoming Child Support Program is a program of the Department of Family Services which exists solely to promote the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of families through community partnerships. The Child Support program is designed to use contract and county field offices, along with state personnel to provide a variety of services concerning the financial well-being and 'support' of Wyoming's children.