Wyoming's Child Support Program

Can I still collect child support even if the other parent is in another state?

The answer is YES. In cases where another parent resides across state lines, the Wyoming Child Support Program will work closely with the other state's Child Support Agency to establish, modify and/or enforce a child support order. This process is called Interstate Child Support.

The Wyoming child Support Program has a broad range of resources available to locate parents who live in other states and then work with that state to provide services. We continue to be able to help you:

  • Establish paternity
  • Initiate, modify and enforce Child Support Orders
  • Collect current and/or unpaid child support

Despite miles between parents, please know that you have options and Wyoming's Child Support Program is here to help.

Don't let distance stop you. The fact that you and the other parent live in different jurisdictions should not stop you from pursuing financial support in raising your child(ren). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which state decides how to enforce the order? The state where the non-custodial parent is living. Wyoming will work with that state to ensure all needed actions are taking place.

What information about the other parent should I give the child support office? The more you can provide, the better. For instance: full name, birthdate, any current/former addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, former employers, the other parent’s social security number, and any contact information for relatives.

If I have an order in another state, where do I call if I have questions? Start by calling your local child support office (numbers below).

If you have any questions or would like to understand your options, call or stop by your local office today.

Offices around the state:

Cheyenne: 307-635-3365 or 800-742-3092

Laramie: 307-742-2026 or 800-742-2926

Green River: 307-875-4725 or 800-742-3098

Sheridan: 307-672-2599 or 800-565-4502

Buffalo: 307-684-9011

Cody: 307-527-8840

Basin: 307-568-9329

Worland: 307-347-8927

Gillette: 307-687-1501 or 800-360-5220

Newcastle: 307-746-2311

Sundance: 307-283-1515

Casper: 307-235-9229 or 800-292-3219

Douglas: 307-358-0947 or 866-280-3719

Lander: 307-332-6380 or 800-996-6045

Arapahoe Tribe: 307-857-2436

Ft. Washakie: 307-335-8371

The WCSP is a program of the Department of Family Services which exists solely to promote the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of families through community partnerships. Interstate Action allows us to further that mission.

Feature Image: h/t [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons