Wyoming's Child Support Program

Apply for and land that next job; Like a Boss

Scrap everything you know about applying for jobs... well not everything... but don't rely so heavily on the standard 'Times New Roman cover letter' and 'dress professionally when you drop off your resume' kind of advice.

While your first impression is key and having a well drafted resume is important, the fact is, employers are looking for so much more these days and if you really want to impress you've gotta up the ante.

Rule No. 1 - Do Your Research

Know the company you are applying for. Find out beforehand if this seems like a place you can fit into. What is their corporate culture? What do they care about? If you have similar values, even if you have a lack of experience. Employers may consider applicants whose skills don’t exactly match their criteria if that means finding an employee that's the "right fit" (assuming you can learn and make up for your lack of experience).

Rule No. 2 - Apply at Businesses that Aren't Hiring

Just because a business isn't advertising a job opening doesn't mean you shouldn't apply. If you know it's a place you'd like to work and you believe you can bring value to their company, it doesn't hurt to turn in an application and ask them to contact you should an opportunity arise that they believe you would be well suited for.

Rule No. 3 - Apply For Jobs that Challenge Your Skill Sets 

You must also have a strong desire and ability to learn. A willing, ambitious employee can be so much more valuable to an employer than someone who claims to have years of experience doing things one way. If you believe the skills required are something you can truly learn as quickly as possible, don't let your current lack of experience keep you from applying for that next position!

Rule No. 4 - Create a Winning Resume

Nowadays, resumes come in all shapes and sizes. If you've done your research on the company and position you are applying for, you should design your resume to wow and delight their HR Department. A resume for a legal secretary position will look very different from a marketing director's application. For some inspiration, we recommend It's a free and easy tool with plenty of resume and cover letter templates for all ranges of occupations.

We also find that maintaining a current LinkedIn profile can be useful too. Some employers rely heavily on these profiles. Over time, people in your circle of influence can endorse you for skills, enhancing your appeal to an employer.

Rule No. 5 - Check Yo' self on Social

Believe it or not, your personal social pages like Facebook and Twitter are an open book to the real you. More and more, employers and hiring managers are Facebook stalking applicants' profiles to get a feel for who you are before an interview. It's about a guarantee it'll be an uphill battle landing that dream job once they see last weekend's keg stand triumph, your angry rants and TMI public confessions.

Rule No. 6 - Don't Be a Fake

Be professional, be respectful and be genuine. If an employer even catches a whiff that you're not being straight with them, your chances of getting a call back are slim to none.

Rule No. 7 - Don't Forget Everything You've Learned About Applying for Jobs

Okay, okay, so I know we told you to scrap what you already knew about applying for a job. The truth is, there's a good reason that advice has stood the test of time. Your ability to craft a resume, dress appropriately, and following-up with a phone call will certainly increase your chances of being a viable candidate for the position. 

But what you're really looking to do is to stand out from the rest of the bunch. The right attitude, willingness to learn and grow coupled with your life and career experiences can help make you an irresistible candidate for your next job.

The above advice has been provided by Wyoming's Child Support Program with the ultimate goal to support the financial well-being of Wyoming's children. 

The WCSP is a program of the Department of Family Services which exists solely to promote the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of families through community partnerships.