Wyoming Wireless

Black Friday deals at Wyoming Wireless Verizon

Black Friday deals at Wyoming Wireless Verizon

Wyoming Wireless will have some great deals this weekend.

If you have Bluetooth headsets or speakers on your Christmas shopping list, you will want to stop by Wyoming Wireless this weekend. They have a huge selection of Bluetooth headsets and speakers half price! For the complete list, click here:

Buy a new phone and case, and get a tempered glass screen protector for free! That's up to a $45 savings. Wyoming Wireless will also have great specials on phones and tablets. Save hundreds on great phones like the Google Pixel, the Moto Z Droid, and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Connect your car with HUM. Purchase a HUM for your vehicle and get the equipment for free! HUM allows you to monitor vehicle diagnostics, location, speed alerts, and includes roadside assistance.

Wyoming Wireless will open at 8 am Friday morning

Powell - 227 North Bent

Cody- 530 Yellowstone Ave