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#WyoStrong: Innovation & Sleepless Nights Drive Serial Entrepreneur

(Jackson, Wyo.) - This November, it will be three years since Jackson resident Robert Fuziak quit his job as the general manager of Snake River Brewing to pursue his first company Hind-Sight Industries, and now he is tackling a second company.

The driven product designer and now serial entrepreneur gets little sleep these days as he is prepping to launch two completely different products.

In 2000, Fuziak began work on his primary company Hind-Sight Industries and his first product The FaceShot, sunglasses with an integrated, pivoting, docking video camera. This HD camera can be brought out to film biking, climbing, running, fishing or anything hands-free, and then retract back into the sides of the glasses when it isn't being used.

Photo: Prototypes of the FaceShot. h/t Bob Fuziak.

In October 2014, Fuziak decided to attended a Google Start-Up Weekend event in Idaho Falls thinking it was the perfect opportunity to network. He quickly learned that this 58-hour hack-a-thon type event wasn’t what he expected. 

“I wasn’t aware that it was for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs who came to the event with just an idea,” he said.

Since he had already traveled to Idaho Falls, he chose to participate. He joined a team with a few seniors from BYU Idaho with the idea to build a small bedside holster. Fuziak met with the guys and helped design the product.

“I’m here, you guys are cool, I’ve got the time, so lets see if we can win this competition,” said Fuziak about the competition.

By 3 a.m. the next morning, the team had a base level design of the product. Within that weekend, the team collected more than 200 surveys about the product, received pre-orders, printed a prototype on Fuziak’s 3D printer and then presented to the panel of judges.

“It started as a fun little weekend thing, then they pitched it and won some money,” he added.

The team won that pitch competition and went on to win a few after that. Now, the team is officially launching the product, Night Caddy, via Kickstarter.

The Night Caddy Bedside Organizer holds a phone, tablet, 32 oz beverage container, and eyeglasses within arms reach. It was designed so the pivoting attachment easily mounts to any bed, bunk bed, RV bed, etc. It is available with optional docking USB charger and power cord to charge multiple devices. 

Photo: The Night Caddy. h/t Bob Fuziak.

As for Fuziak’s other company Hind-Sight Industries, it’s going a little slower than expected, but hasn’t skipped a beat. The company has developed prototypes, they are getting glasses in and lenses made.

Being a start-up in Jackson, Wyoming presents its opportunities and challenges. Fuziak was able to get some great advice and ideas through the Silicon Couloir networking group, is a graduate of the Start Up Intensive class, and a group called Grace and Grit. But Jackson doesn’t have as many resources as bigger cities. 

“For the digital eyewear, if I was in Palo Alto or in the Bay Area I may have gotten traction quicker,” he said. “I feel like I am a little tech outpost here.”

So why did he take on another start-up company right in the middle of the development of his first product?

“I am just trying to find a way to get one of my products out there and it is taking the eyewear longer than I would like, but that is just part of the inventive process,” he said. 

Check out the FaceShot on the Hindsight Industries website and see the Night Caddy Kickstarter Page here.

“Having a product come from your head to reality is a really cool feeling," he said.

Feature Photo: Bob Fuziak. h/t Bob Fuziak.