Whistle & Wild your new favorite online fashion boutique is launching this September

Combining southern influences with modern city style.

Aug. 29, 2016, Washington, DC - Whistle & Wild ( a new online fashion boutique launches September 2016.  Founder and curator Amanda Nelson is implementing a new take on online shopping by introducing styles that aren't just for any one personality type.  Utilizing her personal drive and entrepreneurship spirit Mrs. Nelson is set on making a change within the young contemporary fashion marketplace.

Whistle & Wild started out as just an idea on paper and successfully established in January 2016.  Nelson believes her concept is on the threshold of something amazing and she decided to make the big plunge into entrepreneurship. Her company, Whistle & Wild was born out of nothing more than a dream and was inspired by her love for constant personal growth.  Nelson believes strongly in the power of individualism and is committed to bringing something to everyone regardless of his or her walk of life. 

"Whistle & Wild collections are selectively hand curated and limited, because we cater to a diverse population with different style palettes.  Exclusive and original designs are the fiber of Whistle & Wild boutique," states founder Amanda Nelson.

Personally based in Northern Virginia, Nelson has access to the Washington DC marketplace and lifestyle.  This has opened her up to a great local community of like-minded, fashion forward and driven people.  Amanda has lived up and down the east coast from Georgia to New York where she has gathered the lifestyles of those around her.  Taking small pieces from each location, she has truly curated a unique feel throughout her boutique.  Her southern influences mix fabulously together with her modern city styles.

Whistle & Wild boutique plans to launch in September 2016, with high demand one of a kind pieces that are limited in quantity.  Stay up to date on the Launch Date Announcement by following Whistle & Wild on their social media profiles:



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