What Is The Difference Between Flyers and Brochures? Read It Here

The Flyers and Brochures are used for promotion but there is a small line of difference between both of them. Now, before checking out the difference between a Flyer and Brochure let’s go through the basic definition of a Flyer and Brochure.

What is a Flyer?

The flyer is a single printed sheet which is used to convey a simple message quickly. It is a form of paper advertisement used to drive the attention of the public for a specific event, idea, service, product recruitment to convey social message.

What is a Brochure?

It is an informative promotional document which is used to introduce a company, an organization, products or services. This is a small-medium through which the public is informed about the benefits of services that are being promoted.

After narrating the basic use of Flyer and Brochure, let’s get started with the basic difference between a Flyer and Brochure.

Flyer as a promotional source

  •  It is a single piece of the informative leaflet
  • It is used to send a small message as soon as possible within a wide range of people
  • It is a low-cost form of mass marketing or communication
  • Printed on 8.5” x 11” paper size to reduce the cost but it can also be created in any other size as per the user’s requirement.

Promotional medium:

  • A flyer is mostly seen handed over on the street to people
  • Distributed door-to-door through mail
  • Posted on the bulletin boards
  • Put on the windshield wipers of cars
  • Affixed to telephone poles, walls or any other surface

Brochure as a promotional source

  • Unlike most of the flyers, a brochure has printing on both the sides. It can be designed with multiple folds to make it more attractive. 
  • It is a high-quality informative paper document.
  • The colors used are more compared to the Flyer.
  • Brochure are not meant to be the medium of mass promotion. A sales person generally distribute a brochure to a customer who is really interested in the service, product or business.
  • e-Brochures are available in the electronic format for promotion considering the present technical era.
  • Attracts people by mentioning a wide perspective of advantages available for them.

Brochure Folded Format:

It is a paper document which can be folded. Different folding formats available are:

  • C-Trifold
  • Gatefold
  • Double Gate Fold
  • Double Fold
  • Double Right Angle Fold


I hope that now you will be very clear to choose between the best informative promotional document to market your service, event, product, company or organization within a small span of time to a wide range of people.